Eliminating the use of traditional, toxic chemicals is good for the environment, workers and the bottom line. Generating cleaning and disinfecting/sanitizing solutions on-site and on-demand with the PathoSans system is an even better way to make your operations more sustainable.


  • On-site generation eliminates the pollution associated with the delivery of chemicals, removal of chemical drums or totes and disposal of chemical containers
  • On-demand production eliminates the need to store hazardous chemicals
  • PathoSans solutions are drain and disposal friendly


  • Production of ready-to-use cleaners and sanitizers eliminates the need for workers to dilute and mix toxic, concentrated chemicals
  • Non-irritating to skin and eyes with no added fragrance, PathoSans solutions require no protective gear for workers


  • The need to order, store and manage chemicals is eliminated
  • Freight charges for delivery of chemicals are eliminated
  • No need to train workers on safety procedures for cleaning or purchase protection gear
  • Improved worker productivity – no downtime for suiting up and removing protection gear
  • Improved work environment means improved employee satisfaction and tenure, reduces worker's comp claims
  • Reduced wastewater costs; reduction in or elimination of disposal fines
  • No fees for chemical container disposal
  • No capital equipment expenditure; pay monthly based on volume of solutions produced

PathoSans: Better for the Environment, Workers & the Bottom Line

  • No pollution associated with on-site generation
  • Solutions are drain and disposal friendly
  • Solutions are non-irritating to eyes and skin – no PPE required
  • Costs less than traditional chemicals