PathoSans solutions are direct replacements for toxic chemicals used in the egg washer to clean eggs and can help improve productivity and lower costs. The PathoSans sodium hydroxide cleaner is so effective, the need for a second wash is often eliminated.

PathoSans solutions are also ideal for cleaning all the equipment in your facility. The solutions have proven effective at removing long-term build-up on equipment. Plus:

  • The solutions are salt-free and can be used on metal surfaces with minimal risk of corrosion
  • Use of the solutions require no change to your current Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP)
  • The cleaner and sanitizer can be used with portable tanks for use with clean-in-place systems

The PathoSans system is widely used in leading hatcheries not only because the solutions are so effective. The solutions are non-irritating to eyes and skin and eliminate the need for personal protection equipment (PPE). The solutions are also drain and disposal friendly, a benefit both to the environment and the bottom line. In fact, hatcheries are reporting significant cost reductions compared to the use of hazardous traditional chemicals.

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Effective Cleaning and Sanitizing for Eggs, Equipment and Non-irritating to Eyes and Skin of Employees

  • The PathoSans cleaner and sanitizer are USDA approved as allowable substances for organic food processing
  • PathoSans electrochemical activation technology effectively cleans and sanitizes metal equipment, including stainless steel
  • Proven to effectively clean eggs during first cycle bath
  • Compact system installed in your facility
  • On-demand generation in ready-to-use concentrations

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