Leading hatcheries are replacing traditional cleaning chemicals with the PathoSans system to produce powerful and effective cleaners and sanitizers to kill bacteria such as Avian Influenza A, Aspergillus Niger, Listeria Monocytogenes and more to help ensure chick livability.

The system uses patented electrochemical technology to produce cleaning solutions on-site, on demand and in ready-to-use concentrations using just salt, water and electricity. PathoSans solutions remove feathers, egg shells, droppings, other debris and long-term build-up while disinfecting equipment without leaving a residue.

In addition to powerful cleaning, the PathoSans system offers hatcheries many additional benefits:

  • Happier, healthier workers – PathoSans solutions are non-irritating to eyes and skin with no added fragrance. The solutions are produced in ready-to-use concentrations so the need to dilute concentrated chemicals is eliminated
  • Improve sustainability – PathoSans solutions are drain and disposal friendly and eliminate the pollution associated with chemical delivery and container disposal
  • Costs less than traditional chemical use and there is no equipment to purchase. Just pay based on how much you produce

Don't take our word for it. Here's what other hatchery managers are saying about PathoSans:

  • We've seen that a cleaner environment for the chicks has helped with livability
  • After a month of use, the equipment is cleaner than ever and I no longer have to worry about keeping an inventory of chemicals
  • Your people will fall in love with PathoSans. I highly recommend every hatchery change to this system
  • Our equipment is cleaner than ever before. The build-up we thought was permanent was removed after a few weeks of using the solutions from the PathoSans system

Learn About One Hatchery's Success with the PathoSans System


PathoSans: Good for Chicks, Workers & the Bottom Line

  • Compact system installed in your facility
  • On-demand generation in ready-to-use concentrations
  • Produces cleaners/sanitizers that are just as effective as toxic traditional chemicals
  • Non-irritating to eyes and skin
  • Environmentally responsible

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