There are dozens of reasons why now is the perfect time to change your approach to cleaning and sanitizing equipment. Here are the top 13 reasons a PathoSans system belongs in your bakery.

  1. Eliminates the use of traditional toxic chemicals: without deviating from your standard sanitization operating procedures
  2. Proven effective: the PathoSans cleaner and PathoSans sanitizer are just as effective as the hazardous chemicals you are using now
  3. On-site, on-demand production: Produce the cleaning solutions in ready-to-use concentrations, when you need them. No need to order, store or mix toxic chemicals.
  4. Protects workers: PathoSans solutions are non-irritating to eyes and skin with no added fragrance. The risks of burns or exposure to chemical fumes are eliminated.
  5. Eliminates/reduces the need for personal protection equipment: PathoSans solutions solutions are non-irritating to eyes and skin and can be used without personal protection equipment (PPE) – a savings that goes right to the bottom line.
  6. Improves worker productivity: Workers can spend more time cleaning than gearing up. Unplanned absences and worker's comp claims from work due to harsh chemical exposure will also decrease. Workers will be happier, healthier and more productive.
  7. Good for the environment: PathoSans solutions are drain and disposal friendly. Plus, the pollution associated with deliveries of chemicals and recycling containers is eliminated.
  8. Clean and sanitize stainless steel: PathoSans solutions are produced using electrochemical activation (ECA) technology. Unlike other ECA solutions, PathoSans solutions are salt-free and can be effectively used on stainless steel with minimal risk of corrosion.
  9. Reduces operating costs: The use of the PathoSans system eliminates the time spent ordering chemicals and managing suppliers. It also eliminates the expense associated with PPE, waste treatment/disposal and governmental fines for improper waste handling.
  10. Costs less than traditional chemicals: PathoSans system users report savings over the cost of traditional chemicals. No capital expense required – pay based on the volume of solutions produced.
  11. Frees up floor space: No need to store large chemical or chemical concentrates.
  12. Add brand value by using PathoSans solutions: Consumers are willing to pay more for products made in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.
  13. There's no reason not to use the PathoSans system: It doesn't change your production/processing operations or SSOPs, contributes to worker health and productivity and is better for the environment.

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